Mefisto.NET CMS

Mefisto.NET CMS is a project of CMS, developed in ASP.NET MVC4, supporting modularity via MEF, and database access via ORM-Micro (github), a self-made solution.

This project has to be respectful of some good practices:

  • accessible,
  • based on jquery,
  • using css,
  • expandable via MEF,
  • multi-platform


This can be very easy to manage differents layouts, based upon user's choices or even platform (desktop/mobile), with the MVC architecture.

Designs must be composed upon css styles.


Using MEF on ASP.NET MVC is an insurance of usability for extending the website with different modules. The only thing to respect is some contracts (interfaces or abstracts classes) predefined. Routing and configuration must be allowed and modified on an admin page.


As for modules above, MEF on ASP.NET allow some bases functionalities to be extended easily.  For example, for the beginning, only one kind of log would be released (eg. txt file), but other kinds of log could be added after (email/sms/whatever...).


Data access is possible via ORM-Micro, a self-made solution, available at my github.

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