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Mefisto.NET CMS is a project of CMS, developed in ASP.NET MVC4, supporting modularity via MEF, and database access via ORM-Micro (github), a self-made solution.

This project has to be respectful of some good practices:

  • accessible,
  • based on jquery,
  • using css,
  • expandable via MEF,
  • multi-platform

After a hard work trying to make MVC modular, that work has been a success.
So I want to relaunch the project, with a different approach.

The remaining work must focus on production, on what should be made for implementing my proof of concept on a real world CMS. I want something easily configurable for the end-user, and easily maintainable and extensible for developers. I should have named that project Utopia, but it was already used ;)

Some profiles are useful for this kind of project :

  • developers (core, modules),
  • designers (logo, Mefisto.NET identity in general, icons),
  • testers,
  • end-users (ideas, real-world needs)

To begin somewhere, I've uploaded my proof of concept, allowing to understand my work, how it works, and the remaining steps before the production beginning. If some gurus out there, come'on, you'll be welcome !

Now you're interested, contact me !

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